This post got pushed back a bit due to all of the craziness in Malin Head yesterday. There aren’t many photos from this day…biking isn’t all that conducive to picture taking. And although Liz and I visited the castle a couple of years ago, it is currently closed due to Covid. 

I do want to give a couple of updates from the Malin Head post.

  • First off, no ticks! 
  • We are still blown away that the guy at the tyre centre only charged us €8. We would have been happy to get out for under €50.

And a quick game update:

  • On Tuesday night, we played Dixit (everyone minus one kid), Coup (everyone), and Lords of Vegas (adults minus Liz…although she did serve as our banker for a bit.). 
  • Last night Wednesday, we only played Champions of Midgard (adults)

Finally, here are some photos from Glenveagh National Park…which also happens to be where the ticks were encountered.