Dollymount Strand

We didn’t do any house hunting today…

Basically, because there is nothing left to be hunted. (Well unless you count the place right on the water for €2,700 per month ($3,330.45)…or the other two that are €1900 & €2000 respectively. Yeah, none of those is happening. (although the one on the water is pretty sweet.)

There are 5 places that as far as we know are still available…1 of them told us our family was too big (there are 6 of us)…and we have offers in on the other 4.

Of those 4, one is on hold & is not being rented for at least the next few weeks (this would be our #2 choice…and at this rate, we might still be looking in a few weeks). Another, we actually agreed to a price with the owner, and as far as we knew we were set to rent it…but since move-in day is Monday, & we’ve heard nothing more from her…that seems to be not happening (which, Liz & I both  think is a good thing.)

House #3 we’ve made an offer on, but the agents have not even responded…and we offered to pay full price…we weren’t even trying to negotiate. And number 4, which is the one we are actually hoping for…we were told on Friday we were in the final 3 families…but we haven’t heard anything since.

So we wait.

That’s the hard part.

We want to start doing stuff. We want to start meeting people and having them over. But we have to wait. I want to start making things happen.

This morning while Liz and we having devotions together (praying  the divine hours), the refrain, which you might know gets repeated 3 times said “Be still and know that I am God.” One of the other verses was from Psalm 23 about having everything we need, already provided to us by God. Oh yeah…and Be still, & know that I am God…

I can be a bit thick, but I started to get the sense that God might be wanting to say something to us. So today we just tried to relax…to be still.

So instead of house hunting…we went to the beach over in Clontarf. Erin has never actually been to Clontarf, and none of the kids had seen the beach…and since the weather was amazing today, we decided to head over.

[Weird fact…Liz loves the beach…it is one of the few things (besides family) that she misses about Long Island. That isn’t the weird fact though. The weird fact is that the rest of us (excluding Méabh), hate the beach. Hate might be too strong…or maybe not…Liz has no idea how she ended up with us.]

However, despite our beach issues, we headed over and had a great time just relaxing. It was low tide, so Erin and Brenna were able to walk way out in the water and only get just past their knees. Méabh had fun running on the sand and picking up everything she happened to walk past. And if she met a dog, all the better.

Howth in the distance, para-sailors and kite flyers a bit closer

Méabh loves dogs

We’d appreciate it if you’d keep praying that something works out on the housing front soon, The idea of driving the kids back and forth to school in Clontarf, from Lucan is not something we’re looking forward to (nor to paying for the gas  petrol we’d need to do that regularly. School starts by the end of the month.

Plus the more we’re there, the more I’m loving being in Clontarf.