The talk above is from one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin (a fellow Western New Yorker too) talks at TED about being remarkable.  This idea that you are doing something that isn’t just “cool,” or “neat,” but is worthy of people making remarks about.  While many of his examples are business, it made me think about some of the more common types of evangelism used in the church…(things I’ve done myself in the past) from passing out tracts to stopping people on the street to talk.

What would it mean for the church to be “remarkable?”  Let’s face it, not a description too many people use for it.   Yet the fact is, the message that we share, “the Kingdom of God is here!” is remarkable.  The God we serve, remarkable is putting it mildly!

But for too many we have made this message unremarkable…and not only that, something that people tend to treat simply like another piece of spam in their inbox.  So is that their fault or ours?