Originally, I was supposed to take a week vacation at the start of July…then go to the Vineyard’s regional conference in PA.  (Done…& the conference was great…we had 22 people from Ithaca in attendance…Rich Nathan is probably my favorite speaker in the Vineyard, & Phil Strout’s talk was awesome.)

Then, we were going to take to more weeks vacation…eeerk (that was the sound of screeching brakes).  There is this “building issue.”  And while it is a bit hectic, God has provided us with some great people to work on it, & at every step of the way, something amazing happens.  So I’m back in the office Monday through Thursday this week.  Working on my message for the final week of the 10 Commandment series, getting some building stuff set, & working on some other last minute stuff to get ready for the fall.

I post some building updates here tomorrow.