Hannah & a Pigeon in London

So I still feel like I’m adjusting a bit to being back…Sunday was strange.  Basically because I haven’t “worked” on a Sunday since July 11.  And although we’ve been going to church while we were gone, we’ve gone to one service, & then left.  Normally, speaking at two services is enjoyable…I was really tired after this week.

I do want to mention again what a great job everyone did here while we were gone…I came back after being out of the office for 7 weeks and there was one thing on my desk that I needed to sign & that was it!  Even my email, James Cherian kept up with that & I had basically nothing to do to catch up! (we have a really great team of people here!!!)

Our web site is another story…The company that hosts our web site updated their servers…which is good.  However, the new server software does not like our content management system.  So if you’ve been to our site, you’ve noticed that our menus are really messed up…or on some pages they are just missing.  So we are working really hard at getting everything up & working.  But on the birght side, if you had to pick the worst time of the year for the web site to act screwy, this would be it!  (I guess that isn’t the bright side…never mind.)

In fact, we had an online form so that people could register for a conference we are hosting this weekend…& it wasn’t working…ugh.

And did I mention we are moving?  Like tonight, or tomorrow.

So we put our house on the market in March.  But didn’t sign a purchase offer until last month.  And in order to get the kids in school asap, we rented an apartment.  We signed a lease to start on October 1 thinking that the school would let them start in the new district.  It seemed like a good idea.  The school district told us unless we paid tuition, the kids could not start until we lived in t-burg.  We called the landlord & we are moving in tonight.  (since our house doesn’t close until the end of October, we’ll pay 2 months of rent & mortgage @ the same time…but that is still cheaper that tuition.)

So between the website (which is getting closer & looking good!) & moving our family to Trumansburg, things have been a bit intense since we’ve been back.  I’d love to say that things will slow down next week, but I know better.