As we have mentioned over the past few weeks, our summer kinship semester is going to be starting up on the week of June 20.  If you have ever thought about leading a group (now or in the future), or perhaps finding more about what the process looks like, I’d like to share a couple items that will help with that process.

The first item is a fact sheet that talks about what the process of becoming a Kinship Group Leader looks like, what the requirements are, and what commitments we ask you to make as a Kinship Group Leader. The second item is an online application for becoming a Kinship Group Leader.  Even if you are thinking that leading a group might be something you’d think about down the road, the application wil give you a good idea of some of the things we are looking for when we select group leaders.

In addition, if you would like to perhaps host a kinship group at your home, or serve as a Kinship Group Worship Leader, please let me know.