Meabh at Glendalough from last month

Méabh at Glendalough from last month

It is amazing how much you take for granted having internet in your house. While our family would gripe a bit about having only 1.6 Mbps to split among 5 people, we have discovered that 1.6 is much much faster than 0.0 Mbps which is where we currently are. According to the phone company and our broadband company, the phone line is broken & will not be fixed.

At this point our options are:

  • get a satellite service (and pay set up charges now & when we move this summer…a bit pricey too)
  • get it through our mobile broadband (not great service at our home)
  • or wait and see if service starts in our area soon (rumour has it fibre optic is coming this month…but who knows)

We still aren’t sure we’ll do, but in the meantime, we are hanging out in free wifi areas way too often.

In our last update, I mentioned that Liz & Méabh had just left for NY to see their dad & that I had an interview coming up. Well, Liz & Méabh are back. Her dad is doing better, but we are still asking people to be praying for him.

As for my interview, it went well enough where I have been invited back for a second round…again, prayers are greatly appreciated.

Lots more going on, but need to head home so Liz & I can head out to a meeting at the girl’s school tonight.

Until next time…