Heading back to Ballybay after one of several trips to the Mater Hospital.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that while we were in Ireland, Liz’s dad had problems with his eyes. After a several days of trying to get care up in Co. Monaghan, one of the doctors referred him to the Mater Hospital in Dublin. So, over the next week Liz and I drove down the M1 into Dublin to take her dad to the Mater.

Each time we drove to the Mater, shortly after arriving in Dublin we would pass a Dominos Pizza. So each time into Dublin, and each time heading home, I would say, “Hey, I used to date a girl who worked at Dominos.” Occasionally I would throw in an adjective… ”smart girl,” “beautiful girl,” etc.

Liz would smile and either shake her head or roll her eyes at me every time…knowing of course that I was talking about her. My father-in-law…well, let’s just say it never took all that much for me to be an annoyance to him in the first place. But he ignored me each time…until the 4th or 5th instance, when he said, “Well, she’s probably fat and ugly now!”

To which Liz replied, “Dad that is one of the nicest things you have ever said to me!”