A Whack to the Frontal Lobe

Although I'm a guy, I've never been a fan of the 3 Stooges...I really don't get them. But you know that part where occasion one of them would, out of the blue get smacked in the head with a plank? That's the best way that I can describe how today felt.

by bob

Aug 23, 2012

The Dublin Tall Ship Festival

Although I’m a guy, I’ve never been a fan of the 3 Stooges…I really don’t get them.

But you know that part where occasion one of them would, out of the blue get smacked in the head with a plank? That’s the best way that I can describe how today felt.

And the thing is, it wasn’t really that bad. But I think we’re so drained after everything that has transpired over the past 3-4 months…even small things just hit harder.

After a month of looking for a place to live, and then finally getting it…it felt like we could relax & take a breath…& then whack. And like I said…nothing earth-shattering…more like a paint stir stick than a 2 x4…but I think partly due to just being a bit exhausted, I acted more like it was a mast on one of the tall ships in the Liffey that came full speed at my temple.

(I actually got home today, went upstairs, lied down & bed & pulled the covers over my head and fell asleep for about 30 minutes until I woke up to Méabh downstairs taking one of the pokers from the fireplace and banging in on the wood floors.)

Other random stuff from today:

Tonight we decided to head into the city centre & check out some of the tall ships and just walk around.  Liz & I tend to be homebodies…even when we don’t officially have a home, but we’re working at breaking out of our rut. We drove down to Red Cow with the girls and took the train into the city. We’re heading back in again on Saturday (& I think I might go again on Sunday afternoon).

New Sneakers:
While we were there, Erin bought Hannah a new pair of sneakers from a stand for her birthday. Hannah got home & went to put them on…she had two left foot shoes.

Bye Bye Piggie:
Although she is doing better than Méabh who lost the only stuffed animal she likes at some point. However, we’re not sure if she or her sisters are more upset at this point.

One more thing about our new house:
Turns out my kids might not want the new house after all. Yesterday I contacted one of the top internet providers in Ireland and signed up for their 50 MB Service (don’t worry about what 50 MB means…you’ll figure out why that’s important….that is the fastest you can get here. They called me back to say, “sorry, we don’t offer anything in your area.” Contacted another company for their 24 MB service. They emailed me back to say, they only offer 2MB speeds in the area we’ll be living in. (Can anyone say dial-up?)

Contacted another place that won’t tell me how fast their service is until they hook it up and I start paying…not really liking that option.

Our final option is one we’ll hear from tomorrow.

A couple of things…People who leave the US to serve as missionaries in other countries often have to deal with some major difficulties, make huge sacrifices and eat things that are really gross. We haven’t had to do any of that…and I’m not even convinced less access to the internet in the house would be a bad thing. It just seems a bit funny that we’ll live 2 blocks off a major street in Dublin and be unable to get high-speed internet.

Our First Irish Crime:
Well besides crossing when the traffic light says do not cross, which people seem to take much more seriously here than they do in the states.

This morning Liz, Méabh & I went into the city via train and took our leap cards to use them for the first time. And I guess it was lack of sleep…that’s what I’ll blame it on, but in my head, there would be a card reader on the train. On course once we were on the train is when someone told us that you scan your card before you get on the train (which of course we knew and just forgot). And now I start to stress. “we have to get off, scan our cards & wait for the next train.” Liz is telling me to relax.

I start looking up online to read about the fines and penalties for not paying your fare. And I think after we are here a while the “We’re Americans and didn’t know how things work” excuse stops working as effectively.

So eventually, we got off, scanned our leap cards…and got back on the same train.

Tonight we did all of our trail riding with no mistakes!


And I just realized that I’m writing about not getting enough sleep and here I am blogging at 11:30 at night.  Good night.

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I grew up in Western New York and have started and led missional church planting efforts for a little over 30 years. As you might gather, I have opinions about the church, and I share some of them here.

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