First the bad news.  We won’t be in the new place by October 4th.  We’re closer, but as you’ll read, there is a lot to do before we can move in.

Believe it or not the end of this month will mark the end of the first year of the lease on our new space…and as we enter the final phase of this project, we look forward to putting some of the nightmarish details behind us (have I mentioned that it took us 7 months to get a building permit?)

Although we are nearing the end of the project, there are still a number of jobs that need to be done, and so we are looking for as many people as possible to pitch in over the next few weeks as we prepare to move in.  I think sometimes people hear, “we are almost ready to move in,” and think we don’t need the help any more…trust me, we still need you!

So, what I want to do is walk you through the rest of the project room by room, and show you what we still need done.  If one of these tasks seems up your alley, please let me know & we’ll get you all set up!

One thing to keep in mind…We are not going to be able to have everything the way we’d like it when we first move in.  Paying rent for a year on a place you can’t use tends to eat into your budget a bit.  So sound, video, flooring, things like that are going to suffer a bit.  Hopefully we can work on most of this in the near future.

Here we go…

The Entry Way:

IMG_0657Although this is a small room, it will be the first thing people see when they walk in to the Vineyard!  Here are the things that still need to be done in this room:

1) 2 coats of paint (it is being primiered as I type…thanks dad!)

2) Ceiling grid installed.

3) Ceiling panels installed.

4) Flooring installed (this is one of the areas we can’t wait to fix the flooring.)

5) Molding installed around doors.

6) Metal doors cleaned, painted, or something done to them so they look  nicer than they currently do.

7) Install base molding on walls.


IMG_0658In addition to being the main entrance of the building, this room will also be where the Vineyard Kids Sign In/Registration will be located, as well as one of our information tables.

First thing you’ll notice is that this room will need to be cleaned!  There is some touch up work to be done on some of the walls, as well as molding to be added around some doorways, but this area is mostly done.

The big job here, besides the molding, is putting in ceiling tiles, and installing the base molding on the walls. Keep in mind that we have 14,000 square feet of ceiling tile to put up, so, this is one area where we are really looking for some workers!

We are going to have the floor cleaned here, but we are hiring someone to do that it looks like.


One of the main things I wanted when we finally got our own place, was a sanctuary with no posts.  Well, we only have 10 of them.

IMG_0659Which leads to one of the biggest jobs we still have left on the new place…

1) We are going to wrap each of the posts in wood, and then polyurethane them.

2) Speaking of polyurethane, we will need to do the same to all of the doors in the sanctuary.

3) 5000 square feet of ceiling tile still need to be put up.

4) Molding around the doors.

5) A sound booth needs to be built.

6) We had hoped to build a stage, but have not found someone with the carpentry skills as this point…You’ll just have to make sure you don’t sit behind someone with a big head!

7) We need to repair some areas of the floor, we’ll probably carpet the front area (too damaged to fix), and then have the rest of it cleaned.  We had hoped to carpet the whole room, but that isn’t in the budget yet.

8) Mount 3 projectors.  We’ll probably need to keep the screens on tables at this point, but we will be mounting the projectors.

9) Install base molding on walls.

Prayer Room:


One of the nice things about the new space is that the prayer area won’t simply be a corner in the back of the room.  We set up the space to include a prayer room that we can use for ministry time at the end of our services!

Only two main jobs in this room:

1) Ceiling tiles need to be installed,

2) And we need to install base molding on walls.

Cafe Area:


I think this is my favorite part of the whole building…we are going to use this room for classes, newcomer lunches, and various other meeting.  We also have some other plans in the works.

Since this is the 2nd largest room in the place, just after the sanctuary, like the sanctuary, there is a lot to do here.

1) We are going to wrap each of the 4 posts in this room in wood, and then polyurethane them.

2) More ceiling tile & base molding still needs to be put up.

4) A couple of bars/cabinets need to be built for the area where the coffee will be prepared & served.

5) We’ll need help installing flooring.  This room is really damaged so we are going to need to have this covered pretty early on.

The Kitchen:


The kitchen is a pretty small room, so a few ceiling tiles, as well as some molding around the entrance way will need to be done.

We have a sink that will need to be installed in this room as well.

The Offices:

IMG_0664Pretty Boring.  But they’ll need flooring installed, ceiling tiles put up, and molding around the walls & doors (which will also need to be polyurethaned.)

Vineyard Kids Area:


The Vineyard kids area will have 5 rooms, and a bathroom inside the toddler room.

All of the painting is done in these rooms, so we only have a few jobs left:

1) Installing, polyurethaning, an putting molding around the doors.

2) More Ceiling tile.

3) Installing flooring in each room.  Again, these areas will not work as is.

4) We’ll also need to put molding around the windows in these rooms.

Vineyard Kids’ Hallway:


1) Still needs one coat of paint.

2) Flooring needs to be addressed.

3) molding around the walls,

4) and, wait for it…ceiling tiles

Reception Area:
IMG_0668During the week, this area will function as the main entrance to the offices, and the reception area.  It still needs one coat of paint, ceiling tiles, flooring, molding (door, wall & window), and will need a new door, or the current one painted.

And we’ll probably want to move the big pile of junk out of the middle of the room as well.

Finally the Bathrooms:
IMG_0666Although personally I am still deeply troubled with the fact that the women’s room has 4 toilets & the guys has 1 (& 2 urinals) the rest of my family seems to think that this is totally fair.

Most of the work remaining in these two rooms belongs to the land lord, but we will need to put up ceiling tile, and floor molding.

So, that’s  it!

As you can see, we’re close, but there is still a lot of work left to do.  We are still working on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays, and if you’d like to come in at a different time, we can probably work that out too.


Let us know if you’d like to help with something specific, or just show up at a work night/day to get plugged in!