The past 6 weeks or so have been a bit of a blur.  As I wrote back in February, we were told that there was a serious complication with the pregnancy known as vasa previa.  Liz was told that she was going to need a premature c-section…we were to take a number of precautions, including Liz resting a lot more.

Last week our doctor wanted to perform a c-section @ 35 weeks, but after performing an amnio, he determined the lungs were not mature enough.  After getting a second opinion, two days later, we didn’t really have a lot clarity on what our next step was.

We were told that in 15% of pregnancies the situation reverses itself.

Well, today we found out, we fell into the 15%.  So, we’ve gone from a crisis pregnancy where the baby needed to get out as soon as possible, to being told Liz will probably need a c-section, but can wait until 38-39 weeks.

We are excited and thankful for all the prayers…Liz described it best when she said the whole thing is a bit surreal.  Still might be a couple of weeks before we’re able to take a deep breath though.