**note: forgot to hit the publish button last week:)

Last week was crazy…but it was a good kind of crazy.   On Thursday & Friday I got to go up to the Willowcreek Leadership Summit (it is already on my calendar for next year).  On Saturday, we took the church leadership team out for a trip with Cornell Outdoor Education.  While the team building stuff they do is great, the opportunity to hang out with this group is one of the things I enjoy most!  On Sunday we had a great service, with a bunch of first time guests (one who said, this is the most diverse church I’ve ever been to)…followed up by our annual church business meeting (with no first time guests…imagine that:-). Then on Sunday night we got to spend a few more hours with the leadership team & their spouses….

Next week, we’ll have a newcomers dinner on Sunday after church…We’ve had a number of new people getting connected at the Vineyard and this’ll be a great chance to get to meet them & share some about the Vineyard & invite them to get involved.  (if you’re new to the Vineyard, you can register here.)

Right after the lunch, we’ll drive to Cambridge, MA for the Center City Summit on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.   I’ll post some thoughts during the conference.  Liz & the kid’s will hang out in Boston while I’m at the summit.  After the summit, we’ll head to Long Island, so that I can head to the coaching network I am a part of on Friday.

So I am really enjoying my relatively slow week!