The past couple days in Boston have been great (if only I could squeeze in a Sox game…& if only they were in 1st place). It’s been good to hang out with Hannah and see some Vineyard friends.

Have heard a bunch of great stuff at the Blue Ocean Summit so far, and the conversation with Andre Dubus III yesterday morning was amazing.

What has stuck in my head most is a comment in one of the breakout session about holiness. The basic idea was that when you receive inner healing, the main beneficiary is you. Your life is now better than it was. But, when you increase in holiness, while you receive some benefit, but it is the people closest to you (spouse, kids, friends, people you minister to/with) who really benefit by your holiness.

Bunch of other stuff going on here…to much to write down. We leave around 1 pm for Ithaca.

One last thing…Please be praying about our housing…the landlord in Raheny (RAH-he-knee) lets us know today if she’ll accept our offer. Thanks!