Méabh listening to a presentation at Dublinia             in stereo (& in Gaelic)

So when you’re focused on finding a job in an economy such as the one here in Ireland, waking up to see a headline like this,”Eircom to shed 2,000 jobs in effort to cut €100m per year” is not an encouragement. Thankfully Liz & I had decided that this was the day we’d take the 3 younger kids out around town and be tourists. (There is no school this week for primary & secondary school students).

Liz & I (& Méabh) went into town early for an appointment, and then Erin and Brenna took the train in a couple of hours later & joined us. We had lunch at the Bull & Castle, or Castle & Bull…for some reason, I’m having a bit of brain lock remembering which it was, and I don’t feel like looking it up again.

At the table next to us were two couples…over here on vacation from the states. It is kind of a weird experience encountering other Americans…they likely (& reasonably) assume that we are also on vacation…but obviously, we are in the early stages of beginning a new life here. Nothing profound, or exciting, just a track that runs through your mind a lot.

After lunch, we walked over to Dublinia, which is the Viking/Medieval Dublin Museum.  There was a lot of interesting information about the Vikings settling here, and various practices, but the highlight of the tour was being able to climb a series of stairs up to the top of a town and look out over the city.

Finally, we headed up to Swords to get the girls a few things they need as they head back to school.

Another interesting part of the process for us is walking or driving around and seeing a place that we saw two years ago, (or possibly last year for Liz & I), but now it fits in the bigger picture of Dublin.

As you can already tell, my brain is a bit “fried,” so I figured rather than writing much, I’d instead share some pictures from our time around the city today…and I’ll try to label them correctly too!

Walking back towards Trinity to pick up Méabh. Dublin Tourist Centre on your right…restaurant Liz & I had dinner last year straight ahead.


Méabh playing archaeologist

Brenna getting her Viking on

Christ Church. Across the street from Dublina. Where Strongbow is buried.

Another rainbow shot in Dublin. (view from tower…Christ Church in foreground) 

Another view of Dublin

Last one…

Today was a really good day hanging out with the family…(minus one). Back to the hunt tomorrow.