This Sunday we begin a 4 week series at the Ithaca Vineyard entitled, “In God We Trust.”  Each day this week leading up to the series, we’ll spend a little time looking at the topic of money.

Today is “resource day” in our 5 part series on Money.

The first resource is a link to Randy Alcorn’s website.  Specifically to the section of his web site where he has all kinds of free resources concerning a biblical perspective on money.  There are audio files, videos, pdfs, powerpoints, etc.  There is sure to be something you’d find interesting.

The second resource is a TED video I watched recently with my daughter Erin, and we both got a lot out of it.  Now, the guy speaking is coming from an academic perspective.  So don’t go in expecting a theology lesson on money. (there, you’ve been warned, so don’t come back & complain that he talks about evolution:-)

But his research is looking at what brings happiness, and it isn’t more money & more stuff.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, so hopefully you will too.