20130219-094504.jpgAt the end of January, I wrote a post saying I was going to get the blog up and running again in mid-February. That was the plan.

Then last Monday, as I was sitting down to make some updates to the site, the Internet at our house died. 8 days later our broadband company has not fixed it. (Supposedly an engineer is coming to the house this afternoon…we’ll see). So yesterday I called and cancelled our broadband and plan on finding a new company. My favourite part of the conversation was when there’s told me that they are not going to charge us for the times we have not had service. Who says customer service is dead?

Without the Internet, we’ve been heading to the library, coffee shops & Clontarf Castle to keep up with what going on in the world. At this point, I’m at a coffee shop in Clare Hall, where I stopped after dropping Liz and Méabh off at the airport. As we mentioned in our newsletter, Liz’s dad has been quite sick and has been in the hospital for almost two weeks at this point. Prayers for Méabh, Liz, and her dad would be appreciated. (& of course, prayers for our kids as they miss their mom and their favourite sister would be great.)

On the job front, I have an interview this Saturday, for a position that would be quite exciting. Hoping my time as “jobless” is coming to a conclusion!

That’s about it from here. I’ll post any news from Liz as I get it.

(the picture above is from last week’s trip to Glendalough…more photos will be online as soon as we have Internet.)

update: 3:15 pm 19/2/13 just received news that Liz’s dad will be released from the hospital today!