40 Days of Lists – Day 10

In 2012 I had an Orthognathic Surgery. They removed, reconstructed and replaced my upper jaw and adjusted my lower jaw. That matters because of the first person on the list.

  1. Jay Leno – I heard this so many times that I went from loving Jay Leno to avoiding him at all costs. Once I had the jaw surgery, I never heard that comparison again.
  2. Fred Savage – Kevin from the Wonder Years. I was a teenager when that was out, and I heard that comparison occasionally. Then one night, I saw him on Leno’s show, and they were talking about hearing that they looked like each other.
  3. Boromir – I understand he is fictional. The person meant Sean Bean’s Boromir.
  4. Joaquin Phoenix – This was post-surgery. Also, the person who said it wasn’t sure of the name but said, “it was the guy who played the Joker”. So I’m unsure if they meant I look like Phoenix naturally or that look like the Joker.
  5. David Harbour – Actually, it was a “combination of Joaquin Phoenix & David Harbour”.

Whether I have or have not ever looked like any of these, I can’t say…I am glad I no longer have the jaw.

Photo by Jakob Rosen on Unsplash