Communitas & Serve the City people at dinner in Leuven.

Liz and I are sitting in an overpriced restaurant in the Belgium airport trying to see how long we can stay before they kick us out for not ordering any food:)

We wrapped up our 3-day conference around 3 pm and have about 5 hours before our flight to Dublin departs. While hanging out in an airport is no one’s idea of fun, it does provide a good opportunity to reflect on the things we learned over the past few days.

The training we went to was done by the same couple who led the Strengths Communicator training last year ([Leadership Vision Consulting]). While Strengths were a part of this conversation, we spent time working through issues such as conflict, collaboration, and personal values.

What I enjoyed most was that they took time to share their facilitation method…from how they design and use their materials, to how they plan various discussion times. It was so helpful and gave me some confidence to step out in this a bit more. I’m confident as a speaker, but not so much as a facilitator. We’ll see how it goes.

Some other random thoughts from the week:

• We stayed in an old monastery. No frills whatsoever…but the building and the surrounding area was beautiful.

• One of the most helpful things for me was the time to work through some things I’ve been wrestling with. I’ve been thinking about stepping out of the marketing role I have been doing for Communitas. But as I was there, and got some clarity. I realized that instead of quitting, I should begin training another person to take over that role. And as she takes over more leadership, I can focus on other aspects that I do enjoy. I was in a conversation around breakfast this morning, and the discussion was about how you can do a job that doesn’t line up with your strengths or skills for a period of time, but eventually, you need to get back to doing what you do best. It was good to leave with a good plan.

The above was painted on the wall at the monastery.
Can you tell which person is Judas?

• Shortly after we were dropped off at the airport, I realized I left my computer bag in the van that dropped us off. Thankfully one of the people I was with had the guy’s phone number…he came back, but I felt horrible. I would have felt worse if I couldn’t get it back!

•And just a quick reminder, if you have taken the StrengthFinder assessment, and have never had any follow up, Liz or I would love to schedule a conversation…Just let us know.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us while we were in Belgium…it was such a good trip.