Autumn sceneAs you probably know, while this Thursday is a pretty big holiday in the States…here in Ireland it is just a regular day.

Since Liz and I were married, we have spent nearly every Thanksgiving in Western NY with my family. Last year was our first Thanksgiving in Ireland, and to help all of us with the transition, my parents came here and had Thanksgiving in Dublin. (it isnt’ too late to get tickets mom & dad!)

This year is really the start of making new traditions for us. For our kids, celebrating Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving is quite important.  And so we will celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday with a turkey dinner. In addition, each of the kids has invited a friend or two to join us.

Then this weekend we’ll be getting together with some friends from the States and having a big meal with them.

While we’re looking forward to both days, it is a bit strange to have Thursday be a regular day. Last year Liz had the kids stay home from school so that it’d feel more like Thanksgiving…plus, Gramma & Gramps were over for their first visit to Ireland.

This year Thanksgiving falls during Christmas Exams, so they can’t just skip.  (I recognise that it isn’t even December, but Erin & Brenna are taking their Christmas Exams this week.) It does work out for Brenna in that she has no exams on Thursday, however, she and Erin will both need to study for exams on Friday.

Another clue that we are not in America this week is when I contacted a person about getting together for a coffee over the next few weeks…the day/time he picked was Thursday at 8:00 pm.

Now, by that time our dinner will be over, and I’ll be looking for a break from house full of people (I am an introvert remember,) but it is still an adjustment to treat Thanksgiving like a normal day.

So as I mentioned, we’ll be starting some new Thanksgiving traditions this year. What are some traditions you practice that help make it feel like Thanksgiving?