So our official inspection is at 3 pm tomorrow (Friday the 16th)

In the past 24 hours we have installed panic hardware on a door, cleaned and patched floors, installed handicapped hardware in the kids’ bathroom and installed 5 fire extinquishers.

Also in the past 24 hours, the landlord has finished installing bathroom stalls, put emergency lights in kids rooms, as well as strobe lights in offices and kids hallway (no, not those kind of strobe lights.)

The HVAC system is running! (which is great since it is snowing in Ithaca).

So, what do we still have to do in the next 21 hours?

  • more floor patching
  • replacing broken tile
  • installing one more panic bar
  • painting
  • trimming a few more posts & installing ceiling tiles.

-And we have to find a cup dispenser we can hang on the wall next to the water fountain…(& it seems no one in Ithaca carries them)

  • Hope that our bathroom signs get to us from UPS…(who supposedly couldn’t find us with out a suite #…we are suite # 2 in case you were wondering.

We also have to pass our plumbing inspection, but that seems to be no problem.

We’ll post here as things happen tomorrow….and if you are available to help us unload some carpet tomorrow, that would be amazing.