I have to admit, if you need to take a bus to NYC, the Cornell Shuttle is the way to go.  Free internet, free drinks…only issue is that while I don’t usually get car sick, being stuck in one of the chairs that is facing backwards is making me a bit queasy.

I was hoping to use the trip down to put the finishing touches on Sunday’s message, but I think I’ll

wait until I am facing the right way on the way home tonight!  So instead, I’ve been using my time to catch up on some of my reading…blogs that is.  And I read one from Dave Ferguson that I though really went along with the message series, Influence, that we are currently going through.  He called it 2Deep.  Here is the part that really stuck out to me:

“2 DEEP” means that every, staff person, coach, leader or volunteer should be developing a bench that is at least 2 deep. Call it ‘apprenticing’ or whatever. Each person should be investing in developing another person to expand their ministry. The lid to the church’s growth is not buildings, sites, strategy, creativity, or even vision….it’s leaders….because leaders give you all of the above.”

As we talked about on Sunday, our desire is to seem an ever insreasing stream of new leaders being raised up here at the Vineyard.  But that only happens as we are all commited to pouring ourselves into the lives of others.  So who are you thinking about?