Phil Chorlian, from the North Jersey Vineyard & I, have started doing a coaching network (actually 2) up in New England.  On Tuesday we were up in Maine and while I was talking about my morning routine, I mentioned that I have a pot of coffee before work.  So someone asked me, “a whole pot?”

I told them people often ask me how much coffee I drink per day…and I tell them I have 2 or 3.  Meaning pots, not cups.

The next day we were down in Boston with a bunch of guys from that area and I walk into the room in time to hear Phil telling people about Bob’s “Pot Thing.”  Having never actually done drugs, I was trying to figure out what he could be possibly telling people about me.

Have you ever wondered how much stuff we have believed about someone because we heard a brief little snippet, and let our brain fill in the rest?