The day started out well…

Liz & I had to take Hannah to a hand specialist in Syracuse.  She injured her wrist in July and it has still been bothering her.  Since then we have been told,

  1. Her wrist is broken.
  2. Her wrist is healed.
  3. Her wrist is still broken.
  4. Her wrist was never actually broken, and we have no idea why it still hurts.

It was between points 2 & 3 that we were told even though her cast just came off yesterday, it is okay for her to be on crutches for her pulled hamstring (yeah, Hannah has had a bit of a rough fall).

Well, the specialist today informed us, it was indeed broken…it has healed, however, there appears to be ligament damage.  So she has another month of physical therapy, & if it still bothers her, they’ll explore other options.

So on the way home from Syracuse, we hear one of the brakes grind…Liz calls the mechanic, who says he should be able to get it in tomorrow.  After a while, it seems that the noise is gone.  That was when the “check engine” light came on.

Over the past week we have had all kinds of weird little things spring up like that & then either take care of themselves or else get resolved rather easily…so here’s hoping that this goes well.

And then we finally got the asbestos report back on our building today…more on that when I find out what it all means.

Here’s hoping your day is going great!