Hi. I’m Bob Wilson

I’ve lived on the Northside of Dublin since 2012 after spending most of my adult life in Albany and Ithaca, NY. This page serves as a hub for the various places on the interwebs where you can find me. For example,

  • I am a pastor with a faith community called The Table..
  • I am starting an improv group with some friends (nothing on the web yet:)
  • I co-lead a meetup group in Fairview called Pub Pilgrims

If you are in Dublin, I’d love to meet up for a coffee or a pint. And if you want to chat about starting microchurches in Dublin—I am always up for that conversation! Just use the button below and send me a note. 

This page is a work in progress.. I’ll add more links and info over time. Thanks for stopping by.

my micro blog and other stuff

I Finished ‘Improv for Writers’ 📚

I read Improv for Writers: 10 Secrets to Help Novelists and Screenwriters Bypass Writer’s Block and Generate Infinite Ideas. While I don’t have any aspirations to...

The Latest Table Newsletter

Published this week at the Table. Updates on this Sunday’s worship gathering and a date for our annual Euro Vision Party. Read it here.

Christmas Lights in Dublin

A Polycentric Teaching Model for MicroChurches

As the Table grows, there will be specific concerns we need to account for. How we handle the issue of teaching in a microchurch setting is something I’ve been thinking...

5 Celebrities I’ve Been Told I Look Like

40 Days of Lists – Day 10 In 2012 I had an Orthognathic Surgery. They removed, reconstructed and replaced my upper jaw and adjusted my lower jaw. That matters because of...

My 5 Favourite Movies

40 Days of Lists – Day 9 Fight Club The Matrix (the first one only) Confessions of a Dangerous Mind O Brother, Where Art Thou Calvary Photo by Myke Simon on...

Ranking the 4 Red Sox Titles of this Century

40 Days of Lists – Day 8 I was in my 30s saying “I just want to see one Red Sox championship before I die. Now I’ve seen 4! Here is how I rank them. 2004...

Una Mullally Explaining How We Got Here

A great explanation by Irish Times reporter Una Mullally on what happened on November 23 and the development of the far right in Ireland. What on earth just happened in Dublin...
the mountain goats at vicar street

My Six Favourite Musicians/Bands

40 Days of Lists – Day 7 This list was hard to limit. For example, I loved the Police back in the late 70s, and I listen to them occasionally, but not that often. The 6...
The worst part of Thanksgiving Dinner: the turkey.

7 Favourite Thanksgiving 🦃🦃 Dishes

40 Days of Lists – Day 6 Here in Dublin, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday with friends. But today, I’m thinking about my favourite Thanksgiving...

Star Trek Series Ranked

40 Days of Lists – Day 5 Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: The Original Series Star Trek: Lower Decks Star...
Photo of Board Games

My 10 Favourite Board Games

(This list is subject to change frequently) 40 Days of lists – Day 4 My Favourite Board Games Power Grid Scythe Everdell Inis Wingspan Terraforming Mars Tapestry Paperback...

Sorry, Not Sorry. 7 Things That Are Not Apologies

40 Days of Lists – Day 3 Yesterday at the Table, we talked about forgiveness, so this list has been bouncing around in my head. 7 Things That are Not an apology 1)...
photo of seats at fenway park

My Favourite Athletes in 4 Major US Sports & Tennis

40 Days of Lists – Day Two Baseball: Dwight Evans (Red Sox) Basketball: Dr. J (76ers) Hockey: Gilbert Perrault (Sabres) Football: Bruce Smith (Bills) Tennis: Jimmy Connors...

My Top 5 Favourite Canadian Musicians

40 Days of Lists – Day 1 Bruce Cockburn – My favourite musician since college, thanks to my roommate Matt. The Barenaked Ladies – One of the bands I can listen...
Don't misunderstand me—sacramental churches have their problems as well—but worrying that the bread and cup might have an affair with the church secretary isn't one of them. Maybe the table holds the answer, at least in part, to the pandemic of church leadership scandals we are seeing. Perhaps if we learn to encounter Christ again through His table, then we can take our pastors off their unstable pedestals and see them once again as servants of the church rather than as infallible sacraments. What it Jesus Was serious About the Church Skye Jethani

Our Current Model is a Problem

As long as celebrity culture and authority are all part of what it means to pastor a church, we will continue to see the constant flood of church scandals we see. As several wise...

Just Finished: “The Improviser’s Way”

Feeling a bit overwhelmed after reading this, but by the end I was excited to get better at this. That seems like a good thing.

Post: Ways the Church Must Change

I shared some thoughts over at A Journey Through Liminal Space on ways we are thinking about the church at the Table. Any thoughts? Ways the Church Must Change

Free iCloud Storage

I know email scams are supposed to be getting more sophisticated, but how gullible do you have to be to think Apple would give you something for free?
The whole point of the gospels is to tell the story of how God became king on earth, as in heaven. NT Wright

The Whole Point of the Gospels

Thank You

If we were to make the table the most sacred object of furniture in every home, in every church, in every community, our faith would quickly regain its power, and our world would quickly become a better place. The table is the place where identity is born, the place where the story of our lives is retold, re-minded, and relived. - Leonard Sweet

The Table


I Had No Idea this was a Thing

Downloaded new Bible software and noticed one of the items available for purchase is by Dr. J! What are the chances it is the actual Dr J?

A New Post on Substack: Famous Somewhere – Chapter 2 of “Why the Gospel?”

While I finished the book a while ago, I’ve procrastinated a bit when it comes to writing up the chapter reviews…or much of anything. Going to keep working on it,...

A Journey in Liminal Space

I began blogging in 2008. Although I have never been as consistent with it as I’ve wanted to be, it is the place where I share various things I’m thinking about. You can find it over at Substack.


Elizabeth and I are part of Communitas, an international church-planting organisation seeking to start new expressions of church. We have a team of people who partner with us through prayer and financial support. Want to learn more about our work in Dublin? Check out our website: thewilsonsindublin.com. And if you would like to discuss becoming one of our ministry partners, let’s set up a time to chat.

The Table – a Jesus Centred Community of Faith

The Table is a neighbourhood-based microchurch on Dublin’s Northside. Our hope is to begin a network of microchurches across Dublin. If you would like to learn more about the Table, drop me a note—I’d love to talk! You can learn more on our website, thetabledublin.ie

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