Where do you want people to go?

I Heard You The Third Time

Where do you want people to go? Give them a clear path. Confession time. I sometimes have difficultly visiting other church services. I’ll talk myself up before I go: “Don’t be critical. See what God says and don’t stress about the stuff you normally stress about.” There are certain aspects I love. I enjoy worshipping with […]

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One of the verses that had a huge impact on how I saw discipleship was a passage in Luke chapter 7. It is the story where the centurion sends someone to Jesus asking Jesus to heal his servant. And at the end of the story, Jesus is Amazed by the centurion’s faith and says he […]

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A Sort of Anniversary

Our first location…but much less snow that the first Sunday! Earlier this month marked the 20th anniversary of day the church we planted in Ithaca held its first regular Sunday worship gathering. I remember a few things about that day. It was snowy. Elizabeth showed up with Brenna who was 3 days old. There were 36 people in […]

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Changing Things Up

A couple of years ago we began using a service that allowed us to communicate with ministry partners on a secure website. Over the past few months, we’ve been working to bring most of those functions to our website, thewilsonsindublin.com.  We accomplished most of that in early December…which is probably when you began noticing that […]

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